Q. Where can I buy Jigtech products?

Dale Hardware is the distributor. Please search for stockists at Jigtech.co.uk under the ‘Find a stockist’ search bar.

Q. Can I use any tubular latch?

Jigtech handles must be used with Jigtech latches. A special plastic spacer is supplied with every Jigtech latch which works in conjunction with the handles to form the system

Q. Can I buy separate spacers?

We only supply spacers with Jigtech latches. These are made from special hard plastic that will not shatter or break through normal operation.

Q. What door size will my Jigtech handles fit?

The spindle is fixed at the factory to suit a 35-44mm door. The spindle is marked with grooves to denote a 35mm or 44mm door thickness. Simply slide the handle onto the spindle and secure. Extended bolt are available for door thickness exceeding 44m.

Q. What is the green collar for on the latch bore in the jig?

In case installers wish to use the jig with old style contract latches and a 22mm hole saw.

Q. What finishes are available?

Polished chrome, satin chrome, dual finish, black nickel and antique brass initially

Q. What is privacy function?

Push button privacy is Dale Hardware’s unique time saving alternative to a bathroom lock. The tubular latch is locked from inside the bathroom by pushing the locking pin in. Unlocking is simple—just operate the handle and the mechanism is released from the inside. In emergencies, access can be gained from outside by using a pin to release the lock.

Q. What is magnetic function?

Jigtech magnetic latches use a magnetic insert in the latch bolt to activate when the door is closed. Until the door is closed, the bolt remains flush with the door edge, housed in the latch body. Buffers are provided with the latch to minimise the latching sound.

Q. How do I specify the products I need?

We recommend you choose the lever style first. Then decide if you require smart or standard latches. Then you should select magnetic or normal function. If you need privacy function, you will need to specify a privacy cover pack.

Q. What if I want square roses?

All Jigtech handles have the option to be upgraded to square rose. These are available as cover packs.

Q. My Jigtech hole saw has worn out—can I buy spares?

Jigtech offer spare 22, 25 and 44mm hole saws. Alternatively, you can buy both the arbor and holesaw in one pack