Jigtech Pro

The Jigtech Pro is a premium quality product, designed with longevity in mind for door fitting professionals fitting multiple doors on a regular basis. Contains everything you need to fit the Jigtech door handle and latch system

Jigtech Pro Installation Kit

Everything you need to install the perfect door handle and latch. Every time.

Kit includes;

  • The Jig
  • 44mm holesaw & arbor
  • 25mm holesaw & arbor
  • 32mm Spade Bit
  • Keep Locator
  • Latch Tapper

The Jig

The Jig is the integral part of the Jigtech concept. Designed by industrial designers in the UK to Dale Hardwares specification, working alongside a team of joiners to ensure every consideration is made for accuracy and time saving.

  • Auto-centring clamp
  • Adjustable for 44mm and 57mm latches
  • Includes allen keys for handle fitting
  • Rubber seal for compression on veneered doors